Sunday, December 2, 2007

Mohammed & Marx

Rare to see video of Darwin Award presentation

God is Great, indeed.

Let's sort through a few things before I get started. Somehow in the last five decades, by accident or intent, Nazism has been commingled with the 'Far Right' in the political spectrum. As if Nazi was to the right of Christian Conservatives and staunch Republicans. Such thinking is polluted from years of propaganda. Propaganda from where?

Nazi is short for National Socialism and it differs from the Soviet style in its 'national' rather than 'international' designation. (The Soviet national anthem was The International.) This places Nazis correctly on the left. Brutal centralized government, lockstep adherence to ideology and leaders that stay in power for life are the hallmarks of the 'left' as in Cuba, N. Korea, maybe Venezuela after this weekend's elections there and...Nazi Germany.

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There is no 'center'.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThere are only the left and the right and degrees therein.

The right believe in personal freedom and responsibility. The left believe in ceding personal freedom and responsibility to a governing body.

The right generally adopt a live and let live stance while seeking justice for those miscreants who step over established societal norms. The left actively proselytize and seek to normalize what no sane society has ever tolerated.

The person who posted this gem wrote this to go along with it:
We, people of the EU, have a dream. Let us work together and make our dream come true.

I dont want much. All I want is a Socialist European Union! Once this is achieved, we will be able to help people across the world achieve Socialism and one day we will unite and form the Socialist World Republic!

May fortune smile at you, comrades!

For Solidarity, Equality, Freedom, Peace and Democracy!

For Socialism!
For our Socialist European Union!

So the ultimate example of the far right would not be a Nazi. It would be the fellow who moves his family to the forest and becomes what used to be designated a survivalist.

And the ultimate example of the left would be found where? Most likely in a university molding young minds. Because the left needs more adherents.

Is it nexus or parallel?

"The moment it stopped spreading..."

Adherents. Those that adhere. True believers or koolaid drinkers--it doesn't matter--when the power of the individual is handed to a commissar or a caliph it is not easily won back. It's simply easier to go along and try to better one's position within the system than to exit from it.

Tens of thousands of native Europeans are now making the choice to exit from Marx's dream but tens of millions stay and feed the beast that is now the EU. There are now millions of adherents of Islam in Europe.

Wafa Sultan throws down

National borders are being erased as new and artificial districts are being created. Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketGhettos of immigrants practice Sharia and commit outrageous acts of lawlessness against non-believers. Freedoms of speech and movement are now restricted in the UK and Western Europe.

Mohammed has lain with the daughter of Marx and Eurabia is their freedom killing issue. International socialism and Islam have, at their heart, the same, identical goal--universal enslavement to a perfect ideology. And that's just hunky dory to the adherents.

Hundreds of millions are 'going along' in Europe. A small fraction are opting out by emigration.

But a relative few are choosing the hard option. They're organizing for the war ahead. And for their efforts they're being labeled as Nazis.

European politics have always been fractious but now the left are marginalizing the few clear thinkers who still respect their freedoms. It has even infected the American blogosphere as witnessed in the contretemps between Little Green Footballs and Gates of Vienna and now spilling over elsewhere.

The Jihad war will continue long and horrible. Whatever their other beliefs may be I will ally with anyone who values freedom and hates slavery.

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