Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hell's Angels

From WIKI:
The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC) is a controversial world-wide motorcycle club whose members traditionally ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles. In the United States, and Canada, the Hells Angels are incorporated as the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation.

Both the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Criminal Intelligence Service Canada classify the Angels as one of the "big four" outlaw motorcycle gangs; contending that members carry out widespread violence, drug dealing, trafficking in stolen goods, and extortion.[1][2] Hells Angels advocates assert that this is a mischaracterization, and that they are victims of the "one-percenter" phenomenon, in which a criminal element that comprises one percent of an organization leads to the vilification of the remaining 99% of law-abiding members.
Sound familiar?

So...Do the 99% of benevolent H.A. go after the nasty 1% and clean up their ranks?

Maybe they could have an advocacy group. They could be called the Council on Hell's Angels Innocent Relations--CHAIR for short. CHAIR would obfuscate on behalf of the Angels, present the harmless face of them, and minimize the threat they pose to ordinary folk.

If ever there were angels sent up from what Christians and Jews understand as hell they would be Muslims. Despisers of freedom and the free will bestowed us by a loving G*d. Slavers most foul.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketOur ancestors 800 years gone knew what we are now slowly learning. Too damn slowly. The Great Deceiver, the Prince of Hell, has a billion strong swarm of sworn enemies of peace and freedom. Their goal--plunge mankind into darkness. Their creed--shari'a--a law of whips and chains. Their method--myriad forms of jihad.

A mother helps strap an explosive vest on her son and 'blesses' him as he goes out to commit murder and mayhem of innocents. Is this not human sacrifice? How can any civilized person believe that people who advocate such are deserving of a sovereign state carved from a nation that is civilized?

No. Our forefathers knew what we are wont to know: Invite them to the light. Kill them if they make war. Put them in reservations if they do not accept civilization.


Anonymous said...

My friends and I have thought this must be the outcome for 5 plus years now. As with prohibition of the Nazi party, the world will find a way to justify its conclusion of incompatibility with civilized behavior. The human sacrifice angle is viable. The kicker is the complete lack of passion of ordinary Muslims to excorcize their criminals, indicating complicity. They apparently have no faith that what beauty they find in the koran will survive the fires of tempatations that the west is riding out. I submit that the wave of drugs and porn is but another phase of the American Experiment, that Christ will be heard ever more clearly as we move through this.

dw said...

"How can any civilized person believe that people who advocate such are deserving of a sovereign state carved from a nation that is civilized?"

Maybe better understood to say that civilization wzs carved out of the Devil's turf and this particular uncivilized group was displacred? And they are inhumanly pissed off.

dw said...

Awe crud! Thanx one whole hellava lot man. I used that link @ the sidebar to check the education level of my blog. It siad it was High School level. Since Popeye is my mentor I doan feel too bad. "I am what I am" But I hope the MASh doan find out "JUST HOW FUCKING STUPID I REALLY AM!

oh well, thanx turn. I came here to learn stuff. Now I gotta go look for my ignorant roots and get back some semse of worth. Hope I'm not a Muslim.