Thursday, December 20, 2007


He shoots...HE SCORES!

Only one Republican candidate solidly represents all three fundamental Republican planks and that one candidate is the only candidate drafted by conservative voters. The most powerful conservatives in America are beginning to line up behind that candidate.

Staunch Iowa conservative congressman Steve King, famous for his maverick opposition to illegal immigration, just endorsed Thompson, stumping the political experts who predicted he would endorse Romney.

A little early Christmas.

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dw said...

I suspect the WOT will overshadow the immigration nightmare. I wonder why the the hell that is? I can't for the life of me understand why everybody and the mother has not figured out that only a 'grass roots physical force' will move this State and Fed to deal with the problem that is actually a proxy cover for other things we may not want to know or solve. Drugs! Political corruption! Cheap ass peasant wages for small business! This 'so called problem' is now actually an integreal part of our economy and secular progressive agenda. (politically displace the ruling white class by numerically displacing their numbers) Too many people, big and little, have a stake in as well as something to lose by solving this 'problem'.

Bet u a buck we get fooled again. Noo matter what steps are taken it will ultimatelty be revealed as a failure and issue of another future election. We won't win this one and we may go global via the economy.