Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Iran Convergence

Chiming vs chiming in. Sometimes I'm going to editorialize big-time. Chiming in.

And sometimes I'm going to present what may be related stories--not necessarily an alarm--just a little chime about various items in the news--and let you decide with a minimum of my input.

Putin in Tehran

OK. Russia...Bushehr...US ABMs in Europe.

Turkey/Iran alliance

OK. P.K.K. are a P.I.A. for both countries and freedom loving Kurds.

Ahmadinijad at Holocaust conference: Israel will 'soon be wiped out'

What else is new?

Yoni Goldstein on Israel's (secret) air attack against Syria

Waay Coool. (Especially the few known details of the op.)

US Episcopalian visits Iran


Israel/Palestine Peace Must be a Priority

Same Episcopal asshat on the subject of Israeli-pali peace.

It's like a denial convention. Stinks.

Watch this...closer...closer.
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