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Gaming the system

Wesley Clark: Nix Limbaugh From Armed Forces Radio

Wednesday, October 3, 2007 8:44 AM

In a blog to the Huffington Post, former NATO Supreme Commander Wesley Clark called for Congress to immediately take steps to remove conservative radio personality Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio.

Last week, Rush Limbaugh labeled any American soldier who supports an end to the war in Iraq as "phony," noted Clark.

"We challenged Limbaugh through an email campaign to invite's Jon Soltz to his show and repeat these same insults to an Iraq war veteran's face. Over 10,000 people responded and emailed Rush -- but to our disappointment, he has refused to respond to our request.

"It's time to put real pressure on Rush Limbaugh. His show is broadcast on Armed Forces Radio, and this time we are going to go straight to the lifeblood of Rush's show -- Congress. Congress has the power to remove Rush Limbaugh from Armed Forces Radio, and it won't be as easy for elected officials to ignore our call."

Clark further decried the fact that Republicans in Congress have drafted a resolution supporting Rush Limbaugh, "commending [his] relentless efforts to build and maintain troop morale through worldwide radio broadcasts and personal visits to conflict regions."

"That's outrageous," concluded Clark. "Rush Limbaugh's 'phony soldiers' comment should not be commended -- it should be condemned. And it's time to tell Congress to act swiftly to hold Rush Limbaugh accountable."

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Wesley Clark has some rather dubious distinctions as a US General Officer.

On September 15th, Clark officially endorsed Hillary Clinton for the upcoming 2008 election.

1993 (from Wiki)
Some critics, such as CounterPunch and, have made allegations that Clark was, to some degree, involved in the Waco Siege, where 74 Branch Davidian followers were killed during the final raid, including their leader David Koresh. Groups making allegations of Clark's involvement note that Clark's second-in-command at the time, future General Peter Schoomaker, met with Texas governor Anne Richards and then-Attorney General Janet Reno, who were also allegedly involved with the siege. They also note that some military technology and personnel from Fort Hood, including two M1 Abrams tanks, were lent[33] to the FBI for the operation. Some also suggest that, given the sensitive nature of the materials lent for the operation, Clark had some knowledge of and perhaps a hand in planning the Waco Siege.[34]
One of Clark's most argued decisions during his SACEUR command was his attempted operation at Priština International Airport immediately after the end of the Kosovo War. Russian forces had arrived in Kosovo and were heading for the airport on June 12, 1999, two days after the bombing campaign ended, expecting to help police that section of Kosovo. Clark, on the other hand, had planned for the Kosovo Force to police the area. Clark called then-Secretary General of NATO Javier Solana, and was told "of course you have to get to the airport" and "you have transfer of authority" in the area. The British commander of the Kosovo Force, General Mike Jackson, however refused to block the Russians through military action saying "I'm not going to start the Third World War for you." Jackson has said he refused to take action because he did not believe it was worth the risk of a military confrontation with the Russians. American General Hugh Shelton called Jackson's refusal "troubling," and hearings in the United States Senate suggested it may amount to insubordination, with Senator John Warner suggesting holding hearings regarding whether the refusal was legal and potentially changing those rules if it was.[71] British Chief of the Defence Staff Charles Guthrie, however, agreed with Jackson and told Clark this on the day Jackson refused the order.[72]
And that nasty Republican Congressman that, on Tuesday, October 2nd, stood on the House floor?

Lawmaker: Limbaugh Needs Defending

Wednesday, October 3, 2007 8:44 AM

Written by Nathan Burchfiel and Monisha Bansal, Staff Writers

Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) said Tuesday that he introduced a House resolution to support Rush Limbaugh because the conservative talk radio host "needs defending" from Democrats who have introduced resolutions and made statements condemning him for using the words "phony soldiers" on his radio show.

On his Sept. 26 show, Limbaugh used the term "phony soldiers" in setting up a story about Jesse Macbeth, a former soldier who was recently sentenced to five months in prison for obtaining veterans' benefits by falsifying his military records.

Macbeth claimed to have been an Army Ranger with a rank of corporal. He further claimed to have served in Iraq and Afghanistan and became a figure of the anti-war movement when he stated in Internet videos that he witnessed U.S. military atrocities in Iraq. In reality, Macbeth was in the Army only 44 days and never served overseas.

The liberal media group Media Matters for America (which has led a long campaign to have Limbaugh removed from taxpayer-supported Armed Services Radio) accused Limbaugh of referring to all anti-war soldiers as "phony soldiers."

Limbaugh clarified on his radio show that he was referring specifically to Macbeth and others like him.

But Democrats in the House and Senate have criticized Limbaugh and launched efforts to demand apologies and make official condemnations of his comment. On Monday, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) announced he was sending a letter to Clear Channel Communications asking that the broadcasting giant force Limbaugh to apologize.

Also on Monday, Rep. Mark Udall (D-Colo.) introduced a House resolution to support the military and condemn Limbaugh's comments. Udall's resolution prompted Kingston to introduce his own resolution supporting Limbaugh. Cybercast News Service sat down with Kingston Tuesday to discuss the issue.

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Now just who is whom here?

First and foremost is the online version of the Congressional News Service and not remotely similar to the rabid Huffington Post.

Media Matters for America
In May 2004, the New York Times reported that Media Matters has received "more than $2 million in donations from wealthy liberals" and "was developed with help from the newly formed Center for American Progress".[14] According to the Cybercast News Service, Media Matters has received financial support from,[15] Peter Lewis, and the New Democratic Network.[15]

The Democracy Alliance, to which George Soros has donated money, was an early contributor.[16] Bill O'Reilly and other critics contended, therefore, that Soros donated money to Media Matters.[17] Media Matters responded that Soros has never given any money directly or indirectly to the group, and that Soros's membership or patronage of the Democracy Alliance, which receives many donations from many different people, does not mean Soros donated money to each group the Alliance did.[18][19]
The current flap over Rush Limbaugh's "fauxny soldiers" is a work of coordinated political art--the art of 21st century MSM 24 hour news cycle manipulation and Media

The question is--will it work?

Some who have worn the uniform have claimed the status of 'veteran of foreign wars' that do not deserve that distinction. For a variety of reasons this claim has been used to 'game the system' in an attempt to receive VA benefits that they have not earned. For whatever reason, some of these have allowed themselves to become outspoken and supposedly honorable and authoritative war critics.

Jesse MacBeth's claim to be a Corporal in the Army Rangers, serving in Iraq and Afghanistan, an elite and honorable unit, is a lie. He washed out of basic training after six weeks and two days.

44 days. None deployed. Washed out.

From Michelle Malkin (who does her homework)
I have written and reported extensively on the Winter Soldier Syndrome phenomenon. It goes far beyond Jesse MacBeth, the faker busted by the blogosphere. As I wrote in August in my column on the Scott Thomas Beauchamp fiasco:
Ever since John Kerry sat in front of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and accused American soldiers of wantonly razing villages “in fashion reminiscent of Genghis Khan,” the Left has embraced a small cadre of self-loathing soldiers and soldier wannabes willing to sell their deadened souls for the anti-war cause.

Think Jimmy Massey, the unhinged Marine who falsely accused his unit of engaging in mass genocide against Iraqis.

Think Jesse MacBeth and Micah Wright, anti-war Army Rangers who weren’t Army Rangers.

Think Josh Lansdale, the anti-war Army medic who attacked former GOP Sen. Jim Talent by spinning a bogus health care tale swallowed whole by Dem Sen. Claire McCaskill, Gen. Wesley Clark and the far Left crew.

Think Amorita Randall, the NYTimes-championed former naval construction worker who told the Times magazine that she served in Iraq, was in a Humvee that blew up, and was raped twice while serving in the Navy–but, in fact, had never served in Iraq.

Why, pray tell, do Republicans that game the system end up shamed and behind bars but Dems (think William Jefferson's very cold cash) skate?

Las Vegas land deal

On October 11, 2006, John Solomon reported that Harry Reid's member interest in a limited liability company (LLC) was allocated $1.1 million of the gross proceeds attributable to the sale of a parcel of land. In 1998, Reid bought a plot of land for $400,000, fair market value at the time. One of the sellers was a developer who arranged a land swap that Reid supported. In 2001, he transferred title of the land to the LLC. When the LLC sold the land in an arm's length transaction in 2004, Reid made a profit.[97]

The LLC was formed by long-time friend and former casino attorney Jay Brown,[97]. Reid's failure to disclose the change in the form of his asset holdings upon contribution to the LLC violates Senate rules according to former Federal Election Commission overseer Kent Cooper. Reid did disclose the 2004 sale as though he held the property in his individual name. In addition, Brown paid a small portion of Reid's taxes on the ownership stake, which constitutes basis for Brown and is corrected for at the land's sale resulting in higher taxes for Reid.[citation needed] Since Reid continued to own the land inside the LLC with the same basis he held it before contribution, he continued to report to Congress that he owned the land for 3 years after he transferred title to the LLC he partially owned.[97][98] Reid's staff stated that he did not initially disclose the transfer of the land to the LLC because this transfer was not a change of ownership, but was simply Reid owning the land through an LLC instead of as an individual.

Reid directed his staff to amend the 2001 financial disclosure forms to reflect the transfer of title to the LLC. He also disclosed two other land transactions on the amended reports.[99]

Condo gifts

On October 17, 2006, John Solomon of the Associated Press reported that Reid had used campaign donations to pay for $3,300 in Christmas gifts to the staff at the condominium where he resides.[100] Federal election law prohibits candidates from using political donations for personal use. Reid's staff stated that his attorneys had approved use of the funds in this manner but that he nonetheless would personally reimburse his campaign for the expenses. That action notwithstanding, the conservative group Citizens United announced it had filed a complaint with the Federal Election Commission to investigate the matter. [101]
Truth is always revealed.

All any veteran needs to establish bona fides is that he or she served and was honorably discharged from service. But those that exaggerate their service records surely shouldn't that wish for a very public life.

While running for his Senate seat in 1984, and again while running for the Democratic presidential nomination in 1992, Harkin has faced criticism for claiming that he had flown combat missions over North Vietnam. In a 1979 round table discussion with other Congressional Veterans, Harkin said of his service as a Navy pilot: “One year was in Vietnam. I was flying F-4s and F-8s on combat air patrols and photo-reconnaissance support missions”. These comments were later published in a 1981 book by David Broder. After subsequent inquiries by Barry Goldwater and The Wall Street Journal, Harkin clarified that that he had been stationed in Japan and sometimes flew recently repaired aircraft on test missions over Vietnam. His service flying F-4s and F-8s was later, while he was stationed in Cuba.[6] [7] References to this controversy were deleted from Wikipedia by staffers from Harkin's senate office.[1]

In June 2001, the Des Moines Register reported that Senator Harkin had “inadvertently omitted” $200,000 in Conoco stock owned by his wife Ruth and some $15,000 owned by their daughter Amy on his Senate financial statement.[citation needed]
The dead tree, antique, MSM does not care about the truth. The story has been spun, thanks to,, that Rush's comments were pertinent to any Vets against the war.

From the Hildebeast's own piehole
“We are certainly better prepared and more focused on, you know, taking our arguments and making them effective and disseminating them widely and really putting together a network in the blogosphere, and a lot of the new progressive infrastructure, institutions that I helped to start and support, like Media Matters and Center for American Progress.
We have the 'what'. The 'where' and 'when' are well established. This post provides some background on the 'who'.

Why? The 'right' side of the political spectrum doesn't seek to muzzle Keith Olberman and Chris Matthews or Al Franken. Why does the 'left' go to extraordinary measures to silence Rush Limbaugh and others?

While the MSM mostly marches to the drumbeat of the 'left', talk radio is the town crier that delivers enough information for the average Joe or Joan to come to an informed decision.

He who controls information and silences debate controls the masses. Think of the "Fairness Doctrine".

Why are these leftists so determined to make Hillary Clinton the queen? For that is exactly how this presumptive American Royal will behave.

Make no mistake--Ms. Clinton has many promises to keep; the sources who have propelled her to nominal frontrunner in money and propaganda have an agenda unlike what most of us regard as American. It will be the end of the Great Experiment.

Not just a lie but a damned lie. A tool. Not a buffoon, just a tool wielded by its lying toolmaster.

This is a turnpost

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