Sunday, September 23, 2007


Note: This blog is dedicated to one issue--doing my part in getting the nonreality-based folks out of power. Socialists calling yourselves 'progressives'--beware. Truthers--quake. I'm out to be the QuellTM for you head lice.

Simple, tovarish--we'll just expunge the record.

Countries dedicated to freedom, countries that guarantee human rights, countries that have regard and respect for their citizens are overwhelmed in the U.N. by those that do not. Giving those countries that do not a forum, a platform from which to spew their venomous agendas is neither benign nor harmless.


That the handful of nations that meet the definition of civilization should be placed on the same level as readily recognizable thugs and tyrants is abomination. Giving blessings and creedence to such is a mistake readily remedied.

US out of the U.N.

U.N. out of the US.

Form a United Free Nations and be done with those that would not be free. They're a burden ill-afforded.

A turnpost pamphlet.

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