Thursday, September 27, 2007

If you or anyone you know is feeling down

Watch this.

A 'left click' of inspiration.

Save it for that 'blue' day. Bookmark it. This is a forever keeper.

Randy Pausch
The best of us.

So much is writ of late regarding the twisted values of academe (umm, Columbia U.) that we may all miss the indisputable fact that some of our finest minds--indeed, our finest characters-- do choose to make a difference by way of teaching.

Of course. to truly teach one must be a superior communicator. That requires an elegance and clarity of thought coupled with the ability to put said thoughts into words.

But even more--one must be able to organize a set of learning statements in such a way as to lead the student from point a to point n.

May all of our children have at least one like Randy Pausch to inspire them.

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