Friday, October 3, 2008

Failure IS an option

And maybe the lesser of the bad options--for there seem to be no good options.

The Congress has, a few hours ago, passed legislation for spending in the amount of $8.514 to up to $115 and perhaps more. To restore the banking industry and dwindling credit availability. And ultimately allow failed policies to remain in effect.

Throughout this year I've grown increasingly aware that our society has made too many bad decisions and is perfectly capable of collapse.

One blogger opined this week that, should this bill pass, people should stop paying their mortgages and use the money to purchase food and/or gold (I'd add guns and ammo) as those commodities will have real worth even as the value of the home falls. After the default simply wait for the government to arrange a new and lower cost mortgage. After all, the government isn't going to come around and evict you, right?

But, as I understand this mess, it was the government that coerced lenders to make loans to people that could not pay. And even though the alarm was raised the snouts remained greedily in the troughs
with compensation packages that boggle the mind.

In the 70s and 80's I wondered at the glut of attorneys that our schools were graduating--what were they all to do?

Now I know.

Wouldn't it be a bitter irony to find that the first country founded on the Rule of Law, this Great Experiment, were to fail and fall because of lawyers?

Please--please don't entertain the thought that it couldn't happen. When my maternal grandfather (b 1889) came to live out his senescence in my childhood home we acquired many things--some fine furniture and such--but what fascinated me was a pre-WWI encyclopedia and the maps of the world held my highest attention. Even a 1988 map of Eurasia would not show the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the Balkan states or the many breakaway countries of the former Soviet Union.

What might the future look like? Anarchy or a strong man (or men). Divisions of the land by those that produce food and fuel from those that can't? Military coup?

California--the richest state in our country--is ready to go begging for a bailout from the federal government to meet state government workers' salaries. If denied California will have to lay off teachers and other state employees.

Imagine if this were to happen in your state. Schools would maintain a minimum staff to warehouse children for the day (or they could stay at home with their laid off parent). What if we couldn't pay our emergency personnel, our firefighters, our police?

While the Kroger still has some canned goods and staples it will be the armed man who gets and protects his food.


We can have the right man in charge--to tell us we have to be patriotic and tighten our belts, a man who will ensure that we all will be employed by his State and there will be enough to go around after it is confiscated from the wealthy. And we'll accept that because we will have no choice.

And then...

We can pray for that military coup.

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