Sunday, September 14, 2008

New Power

Please watch--less than 11 minutes


There is a new power at work and it's being used by both sides.

On the left it is dominated by short, buzz-word dominated, vicious, false or distorted attacks. These are usually short enough to be writ (in large letters) on a protest sign but derived from a million pages of convoluted disinformation about how the world should work.

The right trends to a greater depth of analysis (despite a generation taught to believe Archie Bunker was the archetype Conservative) but is based on ideas that can be presented in short and simple phrases--phrases like the Ten Commandments and the Biblical injunction that man shall have dominion over the world. Hard work should reap rewards. The best way to avoid war is to be the strongest of nations. Trust but verify. Even something as basic as life is better than death.

The new power is more citizen-based than ever before. It doesn't require the massive amounts of money to present as it would on TV but it does reach an audience. Just go to YouTube and enter "iran holocaust bomb" and watch the hit counter over the next few days.

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