Sunday, January 13, 2008

Darkness is falling

If not here in the US (2008 will be the year that decides such), most certainly in the refineries of Western civilization--Greece, Rome and England.

Bright but fitful steps forward followed by periods of dark are the history which led Europe and the Anglosphere to a point where freedom and the inherent value of individual rights were the hallmark of what we most value and share. We have also shared this with others that are willing--India comes to mind.

Sixty years of unprecedented peace (in our homelands) and prosperity have softened us--even lulled whole nations into the idea that soft collectivism is superior to self sufficiency--and so the very notion of borders and national sovereignty are disappearing. This is the established fact of the European Union and the wink and a nod fact of our borders. The plans of the internationalists have reached fruition.

Tens of thousands of unelected and mostly unaccountable bureaucrats--an entire class of Brahmins--now administer Europe. First individuals ceded their rights and now entire nations. As their prosperity grew and family size reduced, with five week vacations and nothing for which to struggle, the average European has submitted to nothing less than social castration.

All the while insidious plans have been made to invade and subdue. And Europe, under the oppressive mantle of enforced multiculturalism, proceeds with eyes wide open in its cultural suicide.

This week, Madrid will host a forum with the lofty title of The Alliance of Civilizations. The English version of the schedule can be read in .pdf format here. Two of the planned events are of particular note:
Working Session 4: Innovative Uses of Mass Media to
Promote Cross-Cultural Understanding

This session will explore new media approaches to addressing the
challenge of building bridges across cultures and religions. The session will focus on identifying possibilities and innovations underway in mass media’s contribution to cross-cultural understanding, and mechanisms by which such media can be broadly shared and distributed.
Participants: Senior media executives, publishers, producers and


Working Session 7 - Rapid Response Media Mechanism
The aim of this session will be to discuss the development of a Rapid Response Media Mechanism to provide a platform for voices that can help reduce tensions in times of cross-cultural crises. To bring this initiative to life, the Alliance intends to develop a broad network of personalities and experts who are strongly involved in cross-cultural issues and can be mobilized as soon as a crisis emerges. Working closely with media editors and producers, the Alliance will seek to maximize the impact of their perspectives on public opinion with a view to help framing the debate in less polarizing terms.
Participants: Editors and producers of media outlets from
diverse regions, representatives of public relations firms,
prominent personalities and experts interested in contributing
media content during times of heightened cross-cultural tensions.
This is most assuredly not about a resurgence of the Irish troubles. This is about smoothing the way for the conquest of Europe by Islam and most definitely anticipating that there will be...pockets of resistance.

The taqqiya money quote has to be
While religious traditions have often historically functioned as a moral source for order, they have also sometimes lead [sik] to the misguided perception that religion itself is the root cause of intercultural conflict.
If it is stated enough and you're under penalty of law to disagree then you must surely accept that Islam is the Religion of Peace.

Today in the Telegraph:

A priest ministering in the Manchester district of Rusholme said he knew of "dozens of cases" in which Muslim converts to Christianity had been attacked.

Another church leader said that Asian Christians in Leicester feared being identified when leaving churches.

"They are scared of being stopped and beaten up if they are found carrying Bibles," he said.

None of the church leaders we spoke to wished to be identified for fear of retaliation, but Don Horrocks, of the Evangelical Alliance, said: "It's increasingly difficult for non-Muslims to live in areas of high Muslim density, especially if they are practising Christians."

Some commentators fear that the aim of Islamist groups such as Tablighi Jamaat, Hizb-ut-Tahir and the Deobandi sect is to drive non-Muslims out of areas such as Dewsbury, in West Yorkshire, and Oldham along with neighbourhoods in Luton, Leicester, Birmingham and Leyton, in east London.

The ultra-conservative Deobandi movement, which produced the Taliban in Afghanistan and some of whose British followers preach hatred of Christians, Hindus and Jews, is thought to be in control of almost half of Britain's 1,350 mosques, reports claim.


However, a spokesman for the Department for Communities and Local Government said that research showed that 81 per cent of people say that they feel that people from different backgrounds get on well together in their local areas.
I suspect this spokeman's boss will be on a flight to Madrid tomorrow.

The UK has hate crimes law but its application may be off (as in "that milk has gone off"). From the government site:
Facts & figures
Nationally, in 2006-07, police reported 5,619 hate crimes in which someone was injured, 4,350 hate crimes without injury, and 28,485 cases of racially or religiously motivated harassment.
There were also 3,565 cases of criminal damage related to hate crimes.
The typical hate offender is a young white male (most homophobic offenders are aged 16-20, and most race hate offenders under 30).
The majority of hate crimes happen near to the victim's home while they are going about their daily business, and an offence is most likely to be committed between 3pm and midnight.
Most hate criminals live in the same neighbourhood as their victims.
(source Crime in England and Wales 2006-07)
Maybe there's a problem with the reports.

And now we know that if someone stands up to fight back, he will not only be targeted by the law but by a well prepared media.

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