Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The Stage


I did not with foresight begin this as a meme, a thread. And yet, beginning with A Perfect Storm, it becomes one.

Europe. Sooner than you think.

Union transport workers strike and sympathizers from various other unions join in solidarity. Fuel and food deliveries are virtually frozen. Brussels (EU capital) demands an immediate end to the strike but truckers remain adamant.

Grocery shelves are emptying and fresh produce is rotting on farms and in warehouses. Folks living near producers are bartering for foodstuffs but city dwellers are becoming agitated.

Afghanistan. Sooner than you think.

Coalition forces are ordered to withdraw from the south as the Taliban reclaims cities and provinces. Recently released detainees from Guantanamo serve as inspiration and evidence of the weakness of the West.

Iraq. Sooner than you think.

As US forces are ordered to abandon Iraq, Muqtada al Sadr's Mahdi army reclaim Basra and Sadr City while the formerly defeated al Qaida in Iraq resurfaces to control al Anbar Province and Mosul in the north. Any Iraqis accused of aiding coalition forces, along with their immediate families, are publicly beheaded.

Iran. Sooner than you think.

Iran successfully tests a fission bomb while separately testing missile launches to targets in Indian Ocean. European leaders protest but the Mullahs remain defiant.

US. Sooner than you think.

By 1930 hours in the evening of the day of the Flashpoint protest almost every American knows of the death of twelve citizens at the hands of Capitol police. The initial shock is turning to anger. People meet on street corners commiserating that they share the same difficulties that spurred the protesters' actions along with their feelings of rage and helplessness to alter their condition.

At 2100 the president delivers a hastily prepared address to the nation.

"I stand here today... with the greatest sorrow in my heart. Twelve of our citizens... no... our brothers and sisters... today lost their lives in a brutal... and unnecessary confrontation with the Capitol police.

"I need every American to know... that this government... united for the first time in sixteen years... has been working tirelessly... with business and industry... with the leaders of every state... with clergy... with grassroots community groups... to end the divisiveness... of the previous administration.

"I know there are hardships. I sense your frustration. And that is why... I am asking every American... to join in our struggle. Become active within your communities... join a food bank... organize a neighborhood cleanup... we can make America better... for all of us... and for our children."

This is later found to be the least watched presidential address in decades.

D.C. Metro Police spokeswoman Dana Peters promises to investigate the shootings and prosecute any officers who unlawfully discharged firearms at the protesters. The Department of Justice is quietly directed to investigate the backgrounds of the victims to determine if they had any past acts or affiliations that might be exploited to the government's advantage. The idea of mass suicide by cop is quickly shelved.

Across the country roving bands of young to middle-aged men take to the streets after dark. Those fortunate enough to have gas in their tanks drive with friends in SUVs and pickups looking for a target for their rage. Almost simultaneously police station windows from Spokane to Charlotte are smashed with bricks and rocks and the police response is quick and effective--immediate internment.

Those that evade the police find their 'cool'. They may be returning to their homes but the fire they felt earlier is not extinguished--only tamped for the moment. They now realize that the fight must be smarter.

Hundreds of thousands of men and women look to the 'net for information and guidance. By 0100 a video with an accompanying text message, first uploaded at 2311, has gone viral. By 0130 the video hosting service has pulled it but the text portion has been copied and continues to spread like a prairie fire by email.
Your first duty is to stay free. Preserve your freedom. That's what America is and always has been about.

Your enemy is not the police. We may succeed in enlisting their aid but not by targeting them.

Same for the National Guard if and when they are called in.

We know that you may feel angry at the gas station or the oil company. We know that you might be mad at the grocer or the big Ag corporations.

None of these are responsible for where we find ourselves.

That is not to say that government alone is responsible. There are others that must be held accountable.

If you feel the need to take action the best way to preserve your freedom is to remain anonymous. Get a ski mask--there are cameras everywhere. Wear gloves.

Disable the cameras wherever you can. Put a sliding ladder in the back of your truck--that's fairly innocuous. Wire cutters are fine for cutting the cable connection but a large bolt cutter against the lens socket will permanently disable it.

For tomorrow night. Action taken anywhere needs a large diversion somewhere else. Fire at an abandoned warehouse may give a cell the opportunity to ransack and destroy the records and computers at a local Social Security or Welfare office. Soft targets, so to speak. But federal.

Lastly, for any hackers--I know you're nightowls--stop the Pentagon hacks! We need the private emails and files of the worst of the Senate and House.

We can't afford to merely bring down this president--we need to force a change in that party--a change we can live with.
Hundreds of thousands of Americans have now read this. So have analysts from China, Russia, Israel, Iran and various European countries passed to them from various fellow travelers. And the alphabet agencies of the US, of course.

The Stage is greater than one can see. There are wings and trapdoors. There are unseen producers and directors, assistants, lighting what is meant to be seen and not aiming the camera at what is dross. Lastly, there is the god of the stage--the writer of the bill--ensuring that there is an outcome certain.

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