Thursday, June 5, 2008

Five to go

Umm. Barrack Hussein Obama is a staunch supporter of Israel. At AIPAC.

Golly. He pretends he has a sack vis a vis Iran.

There's a world of difference between community organizing in Chicago and global affairs.

But large-scale community organizing has worked for Obama.

Saul Alinsky. Look him up. This communist taught Chitown how to organize and recruit voters. The Reverend Wright and Father Pflager, as well as Obama, are studious adherents of Alinsky.

Pflager, as of June 4th, has been suspended by the Catholic archdiocese of Chicago. Both Wright and Pflager have received large-scale state and federal taxpayer money.

Wright, recently retired from Trinity Church of Christ, is set to move into his new 1.2 M$ home in a gated community that has a demographic of <2% minority (black). Retirement. Life's sweetest reward.

Meanwhile, in the news the msm deems not fit to print, Obama's real estate buddy and contributor, Syrian-born Antoin Rezco is convicted of multiple (16) felonies.

Clinton's cohorts were jailed after he came to office.

We're off to a great start.

These links are important.

Maggie's Farm has some fact checking.

And more.

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