Sunday, June 1, 2008

Economic Equality

These are the two words that loudly leapt from the TV screen at Obama's May 31st presser about his decision to leave the Trinity congregation and comments regarding what his "faith" leads him to believe.


There is nothing in the Book of God about economic equality. Nothing in scripture. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero.

The parable related in Matthew 20.1-16 regarding vineyard workers receiving equal pay for unequal work could possibly be construed as a scriptural recommendation for economic equality. Of course, the meaning of this story is that whether you come to God in the first hour or the eleventh hour, the reward is the same.

Economic equality. If I were asked to reduce the works of Marx and Engels to two words...


Anonymous said...

Not saying I'm right here but these are my thoughts.

The Bible also notes giving a man good news and not sending him away hungry. Those poor people, they lack everything on every level. Go figure.

I think the real issue is a common belief among common labor that if people work full time, it makes sense they would earn enough for basic necessities. (Wonder what kind of rhetoric we would be hearing if the middle class were impoverished due to inflation). OH? Blame the government? That's novel. And if an affluent society also forces it's affluent standard upon them then we can expect to pay their medical bills and education less they rise up. The wonderful capitalist fort is having an open party at he front gate. And the servants back door is wide open for a glut of cheap labor to cater the party up front.

If the issue is 'not working' and expecting the Fed and State to support you then that is a different story.

I like our Capitalist fort but am having trouble figuring out the long term benefits vs the immediate consequence of the front and rear gates being vigorously unattended. Cheap labor and cheap votes has a consequence over time. Obama is the voice of 'the people'. I am not one of 'the people' cuz I am not a Socialist. But I can read and have eyes and ears and the powers of obsersation, not to mention that I know and interact with 'the people'

We have a Constitutional Right to barter and bargain to our own best interests. We have the God given right to be and do as we please with our own property owning explanation to no one. The Supremer court has ruled that a man's labor is property, noting 'his most precious property' as that is how he will survive. If he cannot bater that for his own survival then what would you expect from him? Enter the Socialists, and he will divide and conquer.

"this form of government is not for all people, but rather for a moral people. I can see a day when this form of government is no longer for us.


BabbaZee said...

seek first the kingdom
and all else will be provided for you