Thursday, May 8, 2008

Comment to Coulter

This is just a copy of what I left on Ann Coulter's piece today.


45 years of education marxist indoctrination have finally paid off. A globalist, Lansky trained, Chitown pol has a shot at the most important job in the world and he's poised to take on an opponent despised by many conservatives for his attacks on free speech (McCain-Feingold) and national sovereignty (McCain-Kennedy).

I don't have to be happy with my choice this November but I know the candidate that will sell us out sooner and I have to hold my nose on the climate change believer McCain and vote for him barring some miraculous sea change at the convention.

It saddens me deeply when I read statements at sites like this that new media has made such significant inroads that it can have a major impact on the efforts of the main stream media--if that were so we'd be seeing a matchup between Fred Thompson and Bill Richardson--but power must be recognized and our voices here are still much smaller than what reaches the masses. And the masses are ignorant and apathetic, judging from my workplace experience.

Our unique and wonderful system never believed that its own vaunted values of free speech could imperil it. It inherently believed that a free press would argue all sides and a literate public could make informed choices. I see, in this day, that has failed us. The curtain is falling on this act. If there is to be a next act it may be bloody and highly partisan.


Anonymous said...

Hi turn hope your doing well.

"If there is to be a next act it may be bloody and highly partisan."

You did mean that figuratively?

I doan know where we are going but the only thing that will stop it is only allowed to be said figuratively.


Anonymous said...

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