Sunday, May 4, 2008



Six months to the (I previously thought would be the most important of our times) election.

But the events of the previous six months since I started this little blog and the history of the last several years coupled with society's inability to maintain a reality-based worldview have led me to this untenable point--that our civilization has made sufficiently bad decisions that we may be in inevitable decline.

It pierces me that for all the enemies we have without that our greatest are within. There are the PLAYERS, the Players, and we, ourselves.

The greed of the speculators has more to do with the massive increases in food and fuel costs than real supply and demand. The greed and machinations of the money-changers have more to do with the fall of the US dollar than market factors. Our legislators and courts have undermined reasonable efforts to secure prosperity and peace. And we, the people, must share the blame, also.

Few ask, "Is it possible for our civilization to decline?"

The answer shouts from history, "Yes, all have."

And why?

Forces from without, forces from within, and a lack of will.

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Redneck Texan said...

Kumbaya.... this is what happens when the most ignorant people in a society are given an equal say on the direction of its path.

Decline is the only "fair" path.