Monday, February 4, 2008



My sister's birthday is November 7 and mine is November 8. I figure Valentines Day was Lucky Day for dad.

Nine Months. The gestational period for human conception to birth. Children born on November 4th might well be conceived tonight. What world might they be born into?

Four candidates have emerged: Senators Clinton, Obama, and McCain, and Governor Romney. Historically, governors have a superior record of winning than those coming from the senate. This is probably because the people recognize leadership of a state counts for more than longevity in a debate society.

Hillary Rodham Clinton will be a disaster. Universal healthcare is a popular but bankrupt idea. Everywhere it has been implemented it has failed miserably. And like any Clinton, she will follow what the people, as dictated by the MSM, say as the movement of the day.

Barak Hussein Obama is clueless. He is one great speech maker with zero experience on international affairs. He wears a suit well. So do I, and I'm more well qualified.

John McCain is wildly popular amongst right leaning folks that don't know about him. This RINO (Republican in Name Only) for Shamnesty and carbon offsets will be fisked by the Clinton machine between his nomination and the election. He has, as yet, unexposed baggage that transforms war hero status into something close to treason. And the Clintons have the details should he receive the nomination.

Romney, should he receive the nomination, is the guy that looks presidential, (as opposed to the guy that was, Thompson) is the one that may avert disaster. I doubt he'll lead us from the wilderness. But he'll lead us from further into it.

Nine months. More than 30 million Americans got since Roe v Wade.

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dw said...

Was listening to some economists on the radio. The show was not political yet Hillary's name came up. She was quoted as saying that we need a five year moratorium on the interest rate. It was noted that she cannot possibly have a clue how the economy works to make such a bizarre statement.