Sunday, February 17, 2008


Italian word for sword.

A Western (read OSS/CIA) scheme for 'stay behind' covert operatives in the event of a Soviet takeover of Europe.

OK. Sounds good to me. The CCCP didn't exactly shine as an example of the progress of humanity what with killing an estimated 37 people. (That's 30 million for the math challenged.)

The simple fact that the Soviets indeed did co-opt Poland, East Germany, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Romania, Yugoslavia, Bulgaria and Albania shouldn't necessarily be alarming to...erm ...say Italy or France (both of which have had huge communist parties).

What is it with ideologies that devalue human life? What will they ultimately win? Why is it necessary to promote atheism (more accurately anti Judeo-Christian)?

I'm going to try to answer these questions in the context of the ongoing socialist and Islamic struggles for the world. The entire world.

Socialists cannot envision any authority larger than the state. The state must be foremost and people exist only for the benefit of the state. Islam is not much different except that it features an abstract deity--Allah--and demands allegence to the umma (community). The willingness to blow people to smithereens, even their co-religionists, well describes the value they place on life.

History teaches us that Jews and Christians have not always been the mostly tolerant people that we are today. We learned how to get along and not force others to our point of view. This is because we have an overriding belief that free will is bestowed by our Creator--His greatest gift of all.

Satan's (real or figurative) greatest goal is not to lead us to temptation. It is to end free will--the freedom to choose righteousness. Therefore, socialism and Islam are the dual faces of the despiser. So it is no great leap that to further their goal it is necessary to despise those that love freedom.

Here's an example from a useful tool named Peter Chamberlain in Gladio – Death Plan For Democracy
The use of proxy mercenary forces to terrorize nations into submitting to US political demands has been the cornerstone of American foreign policy since at least the era of the Berlin Wall, and it still is.

"Terrorism - the use of violence and threats to intimidate or to coerce, esp. for political purposes."

According to this definition from, the government of the United States of America is the primary source of state terrorism in the world.

In Europe, the American government actively sought to eliminate political opposition to its fascist world plans through the use of open violent repression and covert terroristic "false flag" attacks upon popular patriotic resistance movements and their leaders. Using ultra right-wing homegrown fascists, in both Europe and America, secret paramilitary militias were created, called "Stay Behind" forces at the end of World War II. Since then, the CIA activated these groups to successfully quash anti-American liberal and social democratic popular resistance movements. The agency denies this, but the series of exposes of their network in Europe since 1990 have proven the professed denials to be false.
Terrorists? Us?

Virginia author John Stanton writes about a recent speech:
Putin recognizes that only The State has the authority to wield power to protect the national interest, play referee when financial markets convulse, and ensure that a nation’s infrastructure, its culture, its people and its security come first. After all, those are the critical components of The State.
Notice the capitalized 'The State'? Stanton gives reverence to 'The State' similar to others printing the word 'God'.

Socialism is alive and actively seeking the one-world government it has always demanded; for as long as there is a free nation anywhere, the hordes that yearn for freedom will leave their enslavement and flock to that place where they can breathe freedom.

Islam, as preached and practiced, offers the same but with five prayer breaks per day.

Pass me that gladio.

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Anonymous said...

"Gladio", stay behind?
Nothing new or unique. Sleeper spies and sabataurs? Fifth coloums? Wolves in patriots clothing? Ect.? Hell we are looking for them here in the US. A bud of mine from Soviet Poland says that even a free Poland is wrecked with havoc over how to deal with the 'Gladio's'. Clean house and have a bloodbath that would have threatened their independence, or try to work with them, or absorb and bribe them and later clean house. Later never comes. Investigations looking for Pololocks that aided the Ruskies are suspended for the sake of domestic peace. Walinsa is almost hated by my Polish Partisian bud for coping out on the revolution. He came to UCD and my friend went their to argue with him and threated him (via his bodyguard) with giving info to the media. I wasn't there that night but heard he called my friend and invited him for a chat. 'Giladio' is why nothing gets finished properly and the seeds of civil war or strife remain? All sides do it weather or not it is planned?

For me it's power. We all want and need it. Nobody wants to be powerless. I will adopt any idealogy that empowers me. I assume my leaders are more driven and able than I am. Fortunately for me I was taught the Constitution and that freedom thing, so I am willingly stuck with that, but! When that is taken from me, I will support whatever helps me kill them that stole my life or denied me achieving one, real or imagined. Hell, if my Gov fucks me beyond the pale, I'd use a 'giladio', skinheads, Nazi's, mafia, Mexicans, anyone that could defeat what I was enslaved by and worry about cleaning house later.

Outdside of moral context I am no different than a ruthless agressor? But the end justifys the means because 'means' are the only way to achieve an end? Our end is freedom and the lives of innocents hinder and/or prevent the spreading of it in shitholes like Africa and the Mideast.

The 'giladio' also require support to have any effect. Suspend laws and kill their support and they will flee back to their buds?