Sunday, April 6, 2008


It's been said that every great movement eventually becomes a business. Then over time a racket.


Richard Branson, left, Elon Musk, the co-founder of Paypal, center, and Tony Blair, the former British prime minister

From the International Herald Tribune
What he wanted to know was whether his high-powered visitors, among them Larry Page of Google, Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia and Tony Blair, the former British prime minister, thought global warming threatened the planet.

Branson does - and so did most of his guests. So on this recent weekend on his private hideaway in the crystalline waters between the islands of Tortola and Anegada, they tried to figure out what to do about it and perhaps get richer in the process.

Some of them, like Page, carbon-consciously jet-pooled in from Silicon Valley, where the financiers who bankrolled the Web boom of the 1990s have started chasing the new "New New Thing": green power. In an era of $100-plus oil, venture capitalists like Vinod Khosla, another invitee, are pouring hundreds of millions of dollars into young companies that cook up biofuels and harness the power of the sun.
I have nothing against these or most other rich people. Most earned their rewards honestly through endeavor and risk taking. I also have nothing against conservation and new means to meet our energy needs.

Over and over and--over again--science is revealing that the hysteria over Climate Change is unwarranted. There is compelling historical evidence that it is natural and not one, not one piece of empirical evidence that mankind has an effect on climate. The so-called evidence of warming is produced from computer models--none of which is immune to GIGO--and ground based thermometers.

Billions have already been spent on ethanol production and vehicles and now the scientific community is questioning whether it is any cleaner in the long run while we also see food prices spike.

So let the inventors and the innovators and the investors put their creativity and capital to work.

But in the meantime we have the petroleum we need to be self sufficient here in America and Canada and Mexico.

The men at the above meeting brainstormed ways to move forward. There will be paper trails to satisfy the SEC and all the other agencies. They have the money to do so and I wish them well.

But from where is the money coming that is funding all opposition to our drilling for our own oil and refining it?

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Anonymous said...

With the Socialists, the end justifies the means. They don't care what lie they believed or promoted. They have no moral scruples in their agenda. That is why they happily destroy the personal lives or imprison any nemeses if the news of it serves a purpose for them. Their greedy little fuck army of lawyers are like Mercenaries with doctorates. The socialist will purposely harm everyone if it moved their agenda forward. They seem to be threatening to promote and support a race war between whites and ethnics but they, like all our enemies, use our own values against us, to hamstring us. All the rhetoric about what is true and what is a lie starts to seem irrelevant to me. I personally no longer care. The Socialists are enemies bent upon commandeering the West and appeasing the the worlds tyrants. They will get what they deserve but we will have to suffer he same fate with them. Unles...? Without any real leadership forget it.